Away with subjugation!!

                                          Let Culture free the people!!

Dear visitor,

We are not intending to distract or entertain you with shiny flasy looks and glittering colours on this site, but to provide you with resourceful, relevant, and meaningful content, from its primary sources and in its most authentic and natural way.

We have had various debates with people who think "Your Mukhambira website is not..., but should...", and we still stand our ground, and remark -they expected another flashy superfluous site, with contents in the second plan, masked by colours and designs!

On this site, the content the first priority, and the looks are in the second or third plan. Old photos and videos, even those made unprofessionally, being unfocused or cluttered, are honest testimonies of the realities that they represent and the condition in which they were made. As documents, they transparently tell complete stories on their own, answering the questions: What? Who? Where? When? How?, whose answer is the foundations of knowledge.

Thus, I disagree with the idea of cleaning or sharpening photos in the studio, as it is like muting the buzzers on a mbira; or removing the background sound and audience coments from an ethnographic field recording. Let photos portray information with authenticity, without trying to beautify or distorting the reality. Cleaning ethnographic photos is faking reality, which is unscientific.

At first sight, the visitor will be confronted with an unconventional, but yet, a very coherent and informative site. That it's unconventional is not accidental! It is a question of priority: GOLD AND WAX OR WAX AND GOLD? We are inviting everyone to think about this.

It is our skepticism that we are expressing about the order of priorities. Our answer to this question led us to break the rules of the established convention we found to be like GOLD AND WAX -fake gold. We,then, seek to give way to new experiences, that will determine the survival and sustainability of our knowledge systems and thus,  to sciences as a product of hu an activity! 

How much of our life should we spend on our external beauty, at the expense of our internal essential values?

Mukhambira is that physical and conceptual space created by Luka Mukhavele, grounded on his realization and vision to use the power of African indigenous  knowledge systems to free Africans from cultural, educational, political, economical, and social subjugation, perpetrated by Western colonial powers.

As a music artist and scholar, Luka makes music his standpoint, and musical instruments his weapon from which he unleashes his resilient counteraction to the colonial subjugation to Africa and all colinized peoples of the world.